COPECTO presents the TIMBERCARD®, the world's first plastic-free wooden card for more sustainable payment transactions

  • Biodegradable wooden card as a basis for bank cards
  • World first and first product of COPECTO GmbH, newly founded in June
  • 2023 pilot projects to be followed by increase in production capacity in 2024

(Wiesbaden/Frankfurt, June 28, 2023) A revolutionary and resource-saving all-round solution, the TIMBERCARD® is the world's first plastic-free wooden card for the payment and non-payment sectors. It is the first product of COPECTO GmbH, which, in close cooperation with the inventor of the wooden card body, Swiss Wood Solutions AG, was newly founded in June as a wholly owned subsidiary of DG Nexolution eG. The TIMBERCARD® is an absolute world first, as it is fully biodegradable – with the exception of the chip, the antenna and the magnetic stripe – and can be used like a conventional bank card. Having been certified by Mastercard and Visa, the product has already reached market maturity, and has been proving itself in initial pilot projects for payment cards since September 2022. As a central token of its company philosophy, "DO GOOD USE WOOD", COPECTO now officially presented the TIMBERCARD® at a press conference.

With the TIMBERCARD ® , COPECTO wants to contribute to tackling two global challenges: reducing plastic waste and reducing the carbon footprint of the global card industry. Worldwide, the payment card industry produces around 6 billion cards every year, which is equivalent to 30,000 tons of PVC or the weight of 150 Boeing 747 wide-body aircraft. Generally, most of this plastic is neither collected nor recycled when the cards are no longer used or expire. "We are proud of our disru ptive new TIMBERCARD® as a contribution t o more sustainability in payment transactions," said Dr. Christian Lehringer, designated CEO of COPECTO. Developed in response to the increasing demand for sustainable means of payment, the TIMBERCARD® largely meets all international requirements for the payment sector. Its card body consists of several layers of maple wood and paper from certified regional forests, bonded with a bio-adhesive, and is thus fully biodegradable. Unlike other so-called "wooden cards" on the market, the TIMBERCARD® does not contain a plastic core. Only the chip, antenna and magnetic stripe are made of other materials. 

New standards for sustainability and functionality
"When the TIMBERCARD® is exposed to microorganisms in the soil, it decomposes much faster than conventional plastic cards – just like ordinary solid wood," Dr. Christian Lehringer continues. COPECTO thus makes a significant contribution to reducing the global burden of plastic waste. The card body is made of 100% nature-based and biodegradable materials such as wood and FSC-certified paper, and the adhesive, too, is biodegradable. The card enables its users to save CO2 – 20 g, for example, when a 5 g PVC card is replaced by a TIMBERCARD®.

"In addition, our wooden card has all the technical features of conventional cards, including antenna, chip, magnetic stripe, and contact and contactless functionality. It is designed for a service life of at least four years and has successfully passed extensive certification tests in accordance with the international requirements of global payment transactions," explains Dr. Lehringer and continues, "The TIMBERCARD ®  is thus not only a symbol of more sustainable payment transactions, but also a unique ambassador for nature in your wallet. We are sure: The TIMBERCARD® is the future in both the payment and non-payment sector." 

2023 pilot projects to be followed by increase in production capacity in 2024
Like any conventional card, the TIMBERCARD ®  can be used as a girocard as well as a Mastercard and Visa credit card. Bank customers can get the card from their bank , provided it already offers the TIMBERCARD®. Banks can get it from their card manufact urer. To promote the use of the TIMBERCARD®, COPECTO is offering a limited quantity for pilot projects in 2023. After a planned increase in production capacity in the coming year, significantly higher quantities will be available. COPECTO is currently launching the global marketing of the pro duct.

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