COPECTO: Wiesbaden-based payment expert DG Nexolution cooperates with tech incubator Swiss Wood Solutions and founds new company


(Wiesbaden/Altdorf, June 1, 2023) Combining skills, transforming the future – with the strategic cooperation of DG Nexolution eG from Wiesbaden, expert for services and products in the areas of payment and digitalization, and the Swiss business and technology incubator Swiss Wood Solutions AG, the two companies are laying the foundations for pooled activities and the development of innovative solutions. After having acquired shares in the Swiss start-up at the end of 2022, DG Nexolution now takes the step of establishing a fully owned subsidiary: COPECTO GmbH. The new company's CEO will be Dr. Christian Lehringer, who so far fulfills the role of Chief Product Officer and Head of Sales & Marketing at Swiss Wood Solutions. The company will be based in Wiesbaden. The first product – the world's first plastic-free wooden card for the payment and non-payment sector – has already reached market maturity and has been proving itself in initial payment card pilots since September 2022. The Timbercard® will be presented to the public shortly. COPECTO GmbH will handle the global sales and marketing of these innovative wooden cards and coordinate their production. Marco Rummer, Deputy CEO of DG Nexolution: "With this strategic cooperation, we are pooling our expertise and creating the basis for a company that can fully concentrate on the development, production and marketing of this sustainable wooden card." Dr. Christian Lehringer adds, "We are extremely confident that with our Timbercard® we are providing a plastic-free alternative for the card industry at a time when the issue of sustainability is playing a central and global role for many companies."

DG Nexolution eG, which was founded over 100 years ago as DG Verlag, today develops innovative services and products for the National Association of German Cooperative Banks (Volks- & Raiffeisenbanken), as well as for the goods and services cooperatives and companies in the association – but also beyond. As early as 2022, DG Nexolution had acquired a stake in the Swiss start-up as part of a strategic investment to jointly drive forward the development of sustainable means of payment. The establishment of a joint company dedicated to managing global production and marketing now comes as the logical next step. Peter Erlebach, Chairman of the Board of DG Nexolution, said, "We are proud to explore new horizons. This includes expanding the range of services offered by the DG Nexolution group. With COPECTO GmbH, we are opening up a multitude of possibilities to meet the needs of our customers, especially in the field of sustainability, and continue the success story of the DG Nexolution group."


Same goals: Success through change

Dr. Oliver Kläusler, CEO of Swiss Wood Solutions AG: "Our two companies are united by the same mission: to develop sustainable solutions that simplify processes, make them more sustainable and generation-friendly, bring about change and tap market potential." The Swiss business and technology incubator Swiss Wood Solutions has been developing sustainable wood-based products since its inception, subsequently spinning off related business models, technologies and products. Together with Raiffeisendruckerei GmbH from Neuwied, which will take over card production for the Timbercard®, DG Nexolution has also been working on scaling sustainable payment products for years. With this cooperation, both companies are now taking the next step.


Own team at DG Nexolution headquarters

The newly established company will be based at DG Nexolution's premises in Wiesbaden. In the next few weeks, COPECTO will present its core product, the Timbercard®, to the public and start international marketing.