Dr. Mirriam Priess

Burn-out, resilience, personal development

Dr. Mirriam Prieß is a doctor, therapist, management consultant and author from Hamburg who specializes in the treatment of burnout, resilience and personal development. For eight years, she was responsible for the treatment of anxiety, depression and burnout in a psychosomatic clinic before turning to consulting work in the business world. Dr. Mirriam Prieß became known for her definition of burnout, the actual cause of which is not overwork but a lack of or dysfunctional relationships, and for numerous books on the subject.

Dr. Mirriam Prieß also founded the Dialogstark! foundation in 2019. This is committed to promoting the ability of young people between the ages of 17 and 25 to engage in dialog and to establish a new awareness of mental health in society. One focus is on relationships with oneself, interpersonal relationships and successful crisis management strategies (staying in dialog with life) - because healthy relationships are a central aspect of mental health. Dialogue is understood as an expression and attitude of healthy relationships such as resilience, which is based on the various dialogical aspects of respect and appreciation, equality, interest and openness, compassion and love.