Dr. Willibald Walter

Orthopaedics, pain therapy, regenerative medicine

Dr. Willibald Walter is Medical Director of Orthopaedics at the Marianowicz Medical Centre for Diagnosis & Therapy in Munich-Bogenhausen. The specialist in orthopaedics, manual and chiropractic therapy and specialist in interventional pain therapy is a renowned spine expert and, together with his team, is committed to the promise of "time for health" every day. The focus is on the non-surgical treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the entire musculoskeletal system, for both adults and children. A total of six specialists, six specialist assistants and three sports scientists span the spectrum between state-of-the-art multifactorial diagnostics and innovative forms of therapy at the highest level: from orthopaedic check-ups and bodynostics (movement laboratory) to paediatric orthopaedics, interventional pain therapies and sports medicine. The holistic approach is illustrated by the close cooperation with radiology, neurology, psychosomatics, psychotherapy, cardiology, gastroenterology and general medicine under one roof. Special emphasis is placed on a factor that cannot be taken for granted today: time. Every treatment is preceded by an intensive patient consultation so that the best possible individual therapy can be chosen. The center is part of the ATOS Group with a total of twelve inpatient clinics, 24 outpatient locations and the holding company in Munich, making it one of the leading companies in cutting-edge orthopaedic medicine.  www.marianowicz.de